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Introduction to the GMAT*
Information provided by Kaplan Test Prep -

The Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT*, is a standardized test designed to assess skills relevant to graduate studies in business and management. Most schools require submission of GMAT* scores with applications to their graduate business programs.

Since October 1997, the GMAT* has been administered exclusively as a Computer Adaptive Test, or CAT. The GMAT* is taken on a computer at special  testing centers located throughout the U.S. and around the world. The GMAT* CAT  consists of 150 minutes of multiple-choice testing, plus two 30-minute essays that you write on the computer. (Test takers are required to type their essays.)

Here's how the sections of the GMAT* CAT break down.

  • Analytical Writing: two 30-minute essays
    • Analysis of an issue essay
    • Analysis of an argument essay
  • Verbal Section: 41 questions in 75 minutes
    • Reading Comprehension Questions
    • Sentence Correction Questions
    • Critical Reasoning Questions
  • Quantitative Section: 37 questions in 75 minutes
    • Data Sufficiency Questions
    • Problem Solving Questions

Your GMAT* score report will include four scores: three determined by your performance on the multiple-choice Quantitative and Verbal sections and a separate score derived from your  performance on the Analytical Writing sections.

Most important is your overall scaled score which is calculated from your  performance on the Verbal and Quantitative sections. This overall score ranges from 200 to 800. In addition to this overall score, you'll receive Verbal and Quantitative sub-scores, both ranging from 0 to 60. All scaled scores will be  translated into corresponding percentile ranking. These percentile figures allow business schools to quickly see where you fall in the pool of applicants. An overall score of 590, for instance, corresponds to the 80th percentile, which  means that 80 percent of test takers scored 590 or less.

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